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VMWare ESXi – VM is gray when adding new hardware

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

VMWare ESXi 5.0 U1

It happened to me that I created a new VM, then copied over a template VMDK but forgot to add it. When I started the VM it complained of no OS, so I edited the config and added the HDD.
Right after this operation, the VM became gray and was no longer manageable.
I removed it from inventory, then added it back again and now it was showing properly as powered on.
I powered it off, then on again.

Now, the VM kept showing a text cursor “dancing” on the screen like crazy.
I powered it off, removed the HDD, then added it back and powered it on.

Now, it’s usable.

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One of the ways spam gets onto your email “legally”

Monday, March 10th, 2014

So we all know the pitfalls of using your email address in the wrong places.

Some of us also know about using your email in the right places and still getting spam.

That is why there are services such as
It’s not the best of services, but it is free and does it right for me so I stopped looking. If anybody knows of a better alternative, please comment.

Now onto the point: I registered on as a means of getting some stuff to import.
Begin a chinese site, I don’t trust them so I used an alias from above mentioned service.
exactly 3 weeks later my inbox was starting to fill in with spam/junk email from various suppliers broadcasting their offers for everything but what I was looking for.
So I cancelled forwarding and made a new alias and registered that one. Hopefully, it will last at least another 3 weeks.

It sucks, but what can one do?

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