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So I am switching from yahoo email to gmail

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

I gave the new yahoo interface a try. I let it run for a while. Tried to use it, be friends with it. But it just isn’t working out.
I am relying heavily on filters and folders. So my email gets into folders. Which is not made visible in any way, or at least I wasn’t able to figure it out.
The should have made the Folder group report unread emails just as Inbox and the rest do, so that I know that hey, some folders have some unread emails.

I missed on a few pretty important emails (the kind that could make money). So with loosing a few, I am officially dropping this new “crap” yahoo email interface and moving over to gmail.

Why couldn’t they have left the option of using the old interface in parallel as they did other times, is beyond me.

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