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[Solved] Adobe Reader 11 on Windows XP SP3 does not start

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

So I had to setup a brand new WinXP SP3 and amongst other things, I installed Adobe Reader 11. But it wouldn’t start. It plain simply didn’t work.
I already had .NET framework 4 installed so that puzzled me. Googling showed up a bunch of irrelevant posts.
Then finally I figured… lets RTFM. (that’s normally the last thing you do when you’re an IT person).
And obviously, it’s there. Minimum requirements: IE 7. WinXP SP3 comes with IE6 by default.

So, download IE 8 (use a 3rd party site since WinXP is no longer supported by MS and as such they no longer offer IE7 nor 8 to download) and problem solved.


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