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Responsibility for human trafficking

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Lately I see reading and seeing news about human traffic a bit more than before. This is both a good thing and a bad thing.
First, it’s good ad it appears that the phenomena is finally starting to be taken into control.
On the other hand, the issue is so old as this actually confirms its magnitude.
So who is really responsible for human trafficking, infantile pornography and so on?
The truth is that the real persons responsible for this are our friends and family. And in case of some readers, ourselves.
The truth is that if people wouldn’t *ask*, people wouldn’t provide. The bigger the demand is, the more people will provide.
It’s the same with beggars. If people would stop providing them with money, they will stop begging and only those that beg for food will remain.
It is astonishing to see how decayed the human race has become. Children raping children is the ultimate in decaying.
When what is thought to be innocent is no longer innocent, what can we expect from the adults? But obviously, this is just a mirror of ourselves.
People take bribe because we all offer it. How could they turn us down? Same goes here: if somebody asks for a 3 year old child for his/her sexual pleasures, how could a “bad guy” turn him down?
The morality of the human race is at its lower limits. We can go lower than this. I’m actually pretty sure there are quite some persons out there that are already a lot more lower than the race. And I know this because there are people that are higher than the race and in order to have a balance, there must exist such evil.
But don’t even think the balance is at the level of bad and good. That is only in theory when the race itself has 0 badness and 0 goodness.
In reality however, the balance is at the level of the race, which unfortunately is a lot lower than level 0. We are not becoming more civilized with time passing. On the contrary. The vast majority is becoming more stupid, more under control, and more out of control.
And this happens on all levels of civilization, including, in this practical case, morality.
People, allegedly, are becoming more free of inhibitions. In reality, there are some people with lower moral that require that their low morale be closer to the races level so that if for whatever reason their dark secrets are uncovered, they won’t be that dark.
100 years ago, having sexual relations with the opposite sex was more of a tabu. Nowadays, people get married with the opposite sex. It became normal. In some states, teenage pornography above a certain age can be considered consensual and thus no longer a crime.
The lower we allow our personal morality to go, the lower the race will sink.

Solution? Treat the provider in the worst way possible. And the consumer worse than the provider.

I believe that if there was a genuine and strong possibility for a consumer to be burned alive, that person will most likely not ask to satisfy his/her “moralness”.
Some would say that it is barbaric, medieval to treat a person this way. I am asking those people: do you really believe such a person is a human being? Can a person that sexually exploits a 1 year old be called a human being? Are you more against such treatments because you yourself are close in morality to this level? Maybe you had forced yourself on somebody? Sure, there will be people that are genuinely against such treatments because they are too good and can’t bear the thought of another person, be that so low, of being treated this way.
But the majority? What is the excuse of the majority? Why aren’t you taking a stand? Those under aged children cannot protect themselves from these predators, from these animals.

But, of course, the rapist will always have more rights than his victims. It’s normal, these days.

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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

It is a pity how one person can become from a very important one, the person you totally forget about. Or willingly ignore. And do that in a relative short time.
Quite often, I had this feeling of being manipulated. And I don’t mean the subtle approach either, but the one that almost cries into your face: hey stupid, you’re an idiot.

But, all things come to an end, eventually. We just have to make peace with the outcome and move on.

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