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Recover lost tray icon application

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

It happens once in a while that some applications that are minimized in the system tray loose their icons. But theya re still running just fine. It happened to me with the yahoo messenger client and pidgin IM client, that I remember. Other applications might have been affected as well.


I always tried to find a solution to the proble that:

– did not require rebooting

– did not require killing the application


Today I decided to search until I find something. I was searching for both existing utilities and existing demo code so that I can quickly make a small utility for it. I finally found this:

You will need to go to options and check the show invisible windows and then you’ll find your application in the list. Select it and choose show window . And voila, your applications main window is now visible. The icon is not put in hte tray, but at least you can use the application 🙂

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