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ESXi: vmware workstation 10 bridged network not working

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

So You installed a virtual machine solution (of any kind, in this case VMWare WorkStation) inside a gues running on a VMWare ESX or ESXi, and using bridge netw9orking is not working for you inside the guest from the virtual host.

If you tried all the solutions on the net pertaining to host issues (firewall, vpn software, etc) there is one issue pertaining to the ESX/ESXi host itself:
– by default, the virtual NIC has promiscuous mode disabled.
Which means that traffic coming from a VM which is not of its IP will be discarded.

So, solution is to go in vsphere client, to the esxi configuration page, Networking, click on “Properties” on your desired switch, click Edit in the ports tab, then go to Security tab and set promiscuous mode to “accept”.


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