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Experts-Exchange. So you’re account is suspended? How about helping us out anyway?

Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

Well, well, well. So I got a few emails today from Experts-Exchange (other than the usual, hey, look, a new question. I filter those to the trash auto-magically; Also, I emailed them about the issue and asked them to do something so I wont’ get notifications. To no avail.). For those who don’t know, my account was suspended there quite some years ago, and is still suspended.

So, first email looks like this:

Congratulations ciuly!

Because of your expertise, you have been selected to be a designated expert for the following topics:

Delphi Components

You will automatically receive email alerts for questions that become neglected in these topics. If your solution is accepted, you will receive bonus points.

To add or remove topics, visit the Designated Expert section in your Account Settings.

Thanks for your participation, and welcome to the Designated Expert program!

The Experts Exchange Team

The second email is almost identical, but for the “Delphi IDE” section.

Now isn’t that funny? They kicked me out and now they want me to help them a bit. So I go to Account Settings, thinking maybe they un-suspended my account. Really? Keep dreaming.
Ok, so I expect to receive some question notifications as a designated expert. A new trash filter should take care of those.

So next 2 emails. Now these are the topping.

Congratulations, ciuly!

You have achieved a Guru ranking in Delphi IDE by earning 0 points! To celebrate your new rank, we’d like to send you a free Experts Exchange t-shirt.

Redeem your shirt here:

Certification Level: Guru
Topic Area: Delphi IDE
Points: 0

While you are waiting to get your shirt, you can preview your new certification here:

Share the news:

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Thanks for all your hard work!

The Experts Exchange Team

and the same for the next email but with

Certification Level: Master
Topic Area: Delphi Components
Points: 0

Well, they can be sure of one thing: I am sharing this with everyone, right now 🙂
Who would have thought you can get a certification with 0 points? And a t-shirt to match it?
Too bad I can’t redeem them because, hey, my account is still suspended. I had some other t-shirts and stuff wasted because of this same problem with account suspension, so I don’t cry over them.

But I can’t stop laughing. certification for 0 points? Damn I’m good.

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