Anti Spam-Bounce

I have written a small script as an XMail filter that rejects bounces I get due to spam, rejecting them with a descriptive message basically telling those sysadmins to setup their email servers properly.
In the past 12 hours my server has successfully rejected 57 such bounces.
And this is only the beginning. This filter I wrote basically makes sure, where possible (!!!), that the bounce is actually in a reply to an email sent by my server. Most bounces contain the headers of the original email and spammers forge a lot of data there but some of them just cannot be forged. Like for example wher ethe email is actually comming from.
So, any email bounce that contains those headers are being validated as being generated by an email from my server.

The second step will be to reject ALL bounces that do not contain these headers. If those sysadmins are so idiot to bounce everything, they could at least send us the headers as well. A bounce without headers is of no use to a sysadmin. Sure, it helps a user in case of a valid bounce but that’s about it. I need the headers, otherwise I don’t need your bounce.

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