Spamming idiots

I started to receive some idiotic spam messages on the forum email address asking me to conact some partially random MSN ID.
So, like any good programmer out there, I made a small filter for my email server basically replying with something like "f**k off" whenever such a message arrived. It took 3 messages after I put up the filter for the idiot to stop sending them 😀
I am now applying the same idea to another spamming idiot who says set up some webpage for me. haha.
Next in line are the cialis/viagra idiots.

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2 Responses to “Spamming idiots”

  1. ciuly says:

    I just discovered that as with many antispam fileters, mine is also interpreting clean emails as spam. 😐
    I found at least 2 such cases, one of them involving the "cialis" term. It seems there are some words that actually contain that word like "spe[b:bc812d1fa5]cialis[/b:bc812d1fa5]t". seems I have to loosen up s few search regexp strings.

  2. ciuly says:

    I have reached a number of 61 spam rules. Not a big number but it does keep a lot of spam out of my view 🙂
    One particular and interesting thing to mention is my experimental image filtering 😀 They didn’t see this coming 😆
    After a few days of successfully rejecting all spam messages containing a specific image, the spammers have decided to improve their spam by changing the image a bit. needless to say I have already adapted my image filtering and should successfully reject all related images.
    I am now starting to think of another image filter, which will be using text recognition techniques.

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