I am being attacked with email spam

As I wrote the other day, some idiots figured they would attack my server by using bounces from otehr flawed email servers which have incompetent sysadmins.
I have a bunch of scripts fighting spam at various levels. The script I wrote the day before yesterday is targeting exactly these bounces that are not picked up by the spam filter.
Since I wrote the script, it has rejected almost 150 bounces that passed the spam filter and less than 20 have made it through in my inbox (and obviously I have tweaked the script into dropping most of those too).

But this is nothing. About 2 days ago when this attack has begun I added some rules in my spam filter and since then my spam filter has blocked 6015 spam messages out of which most are from this attack. 6000.

The next step will probably be to block the originating servers. With iptables. But first I have to make sure I’m not bloking 1000 email servers but only a a very few, like 3-5.

Sayonara idiots.

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