To all suiciders and killers in general

I know this message comes a bit late for most of you suiciders, but maybe it’ll be good for those who didn’t have what it takes, yet.
Ok, so your life is crappy, you’re miserable, whatever: you decided to commit suicide. I will not talk you out of it. There is no sense, really. It’s your right. You CAN do it. After all, who am I to tell you not to do it. You could have perfectly good reasons to do it. Hell, even I considered it a few times.
Or maybe you are just one of those guys who got sick of school, work, friends, idiots, whatever: you decide to kill the motherfuckers. You buy/steel/borrow/whatever a gun/uzi/riffle/shotgun/pistol/whatever and you march in your school/workplace/whatever and you start killing people. I will not talk you out of it either. There is no sense, really. It’s your right. You CAN do it. After all, who am I to tell you not to do it. You could have perfectly good reasons to do it. Hell, even I considered it a few times. I even considered it more times than suicide. Makes perfect sense.

The only objection I have is the effect of your actions. Why in the world are you so stupid to go out like an idiot when you can go out like a hero?
Take a good example from those "Arab" suiciders. Seriously. Instead of filming yourself on you-tube how you commit suicide like a lame idiot, pack up your gear, go into some crack house or something and kill everybody. Don’t forget to film it: mount some recording device on your head or something. And if you don’t get yourself killed that way, find some other idiots to blow up or hunt down. A serial rapist for example. Or a serial killer for that matter who kills "innocent" people (don’t turn on another serial killer like yourself).
Drug dealers, gun smugglers, child molesters, rapists, human flesh traffickers, etc, etc, etc. I’m not talking about the small lowlifes like prostitutes (who make a fair living), or small time thieves, or one time killers/rapists/whatever. Nobody is perfect. Some people screw up once. But hey, if the guy got drunk or something one time and raped somebody and then he is sorry for that for the rest of his life, fine, let him live with that. But if he’s a serial rapist who just can’t stop himself then somebody must stop him, right? Same goes to drug addicts. They are too weak and got caught up in the drug. They can’t help themselves. But the dealers who sell the shit are surely doing it knowingly. They are exploiting the weak in a very bad way.

So, why go out like an idiot when you can go out like a hero? Some will argue about human rights. Let’s see if they are right:
– does the drug dealer has a right to sell drugs to my 14 year old kid who is too weak to say no OR does my 14 year old kid has a right not to be tempted with drugs?
– does a pedophile has a right to rape children OR do those children have a right to a normal, unraped life?
and the examples can go on.

When one person destroys the life of another person, that person has severely ignored the second persons [b:3f0196c737]right to live[/b:3f0196c737]. So, YOU, my dear suicider/killer, have the exact same right as the offender to destroy the offenders life. The difference is, that the offender deserves it!!!

So, my dear suicider: you want to kill yourself? Don’t make it in vain: take somebody who really deserves it with you.
So, my dear killer: you want to kill somebody? Don’t kill the people who made you mad as they didn’t commit such a horrible crime to deserve death, but instead kill somebody who really deserves it.

There are bacterium, parasites and all sort of bad organism out there that can make one persons body ill. But for most of them there is medicine to solve it. So let them be. But there are some organisms, some viruses, some diseases out there that completely destroy one persons body. Kill them.
Destroy what is not curable. If you don’t want to kill them, just give them a big load of their own medicine. Big enough so they won’t forget it.

My dear suicider/killer: you can make a difference. A BIG difference.
Everybody fears his/her life. So if pedophiles start to be killed, then a wannabe pedophile will think 10 times before raping a child, as he knows he might be next.

Human rights are for those who uphold it. Whomever ignores the rights of another human does not uphold them and thus forfeits his own rights.
Laws should protect the potential victims not the actual criminals. If a person destroys another persons life, their life should be destroyed as well, and more, so that others will not follow his crime.
The current system somewhat protects from abuses, which is good. But does not protect potential victims, which is bad.

So if you are going to take your own life, at least try to be a hero. If your life didn’t mean anything, make your death mean more.

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