My Experts-Exchange account was suspended today

My Experts-Exchange account was suspended today because of my blacklisting policy AND because I was informing the askers that they will no longer receive my help. Hah.
I’m slowly dieing because of this. How will I ever survive not being able to help otehr for free, while those others are paying big bucks?
Oh, truth be told, I received about 8 T-Shirts for all my answering work on that site, plus a coffee mug, 1 T-Shirt, 1 diploma, 1 TB My Book external HDD, 4 small pieces of chocolate and a greeting card (last 3 things were this Christmas present).
I’ll probably put the pictures up on my ee corner (, whenever I’ll feel like it (and if anybody is asking for them).

Ok, so this is the end of my EE carrier. I wanted to get into 1st position in the overall top, but seems I was cut short. Oh well, you can’t have it all, can you?

I *might* resume my help on but I haven’t decided that yet.

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3 Responses to “My Experts-Exchange account was suspended today”

  1. ciuly says:

    More news on this front.
    I have earned a T-Shirt for my contributions of last year. But due to what they call a mistake done this year, I am no longer entitled to get that prize.
    That is the US of A, my friends. A big load of crap. I’m thinking to sue, as I’m fairly convinced that I’ll win. It’s not the value of the t-shirt, it’s the fact that I am right and they are wrong and they are abusing their position.
    The problem is that I don’t have the time nor the money to do it.
    Fucking americans, they think they can do anything to anybody and get away with it. From this point of view I agree: they do deserve to be terrorized.

  2. ciuly says:

    This is getting frustrating. I managed to earn another t-shirt (past questions that got accepted later). Stupid americans I say, stupid americans.

  3. rionroc says:

    Hello Sir Ciuly

    >past questions that got accepted later
    Yes, I visit your EE profile for many times and found out that you have a new accepted answer:
    "04/17/09 500 Best way to access an Oracle… Assisted Delphi Programming"

    And your Still number 5 in top 25 list on delphi zone.

    Your suspension on EE was one of the greatest mistakes of EE.

    "EE Delphi Zone misses your presence."

    My account was suspended too on: 03/07/09 08:23 AM
    Then my account was restored on 04/15/09 07:49 PM with this message "Your account has been reinstated. However, your next violation — no matter how small or insignificant — will result in your being permanently barred from using Experts Exchange, and there will be no appeal.

    What did I do, to reactivate my account name "rionroc"? Ask me again, lol


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