Garfield and Kevin & Kell comics on email

Uhm… ok, so this is probably not for the general audience as not everybody can actually implement this but since I searched and couldn’t find a free way for getting it done, I made it myself (yes, the guys provide paid subscription but that’s not to my liking)

So, how I did it (as I do have my very own personal dedicated server about 1.5 m from my desk):

– I created a new subdomain to hold the below script (not available for public yet. well, you get an error if you access it 😛 )

– I installed a mail list script (phplist popped up in my google searches. mailman might also do it but since I am thinking about the future when I’d probably integrate it with automatic notifications on my site, it’s a good choice for me)

– I configured a list and a user (me) to get the daily email (comics in this case)

– I wrote a script that parses out the actual comic strips from the pages to include in the daily mail (it’s actually a wget piped with grep and sed, no big deal)

– I modified the above script to use phplist command line script to send the message to my list and then process the queue (basically sending the email to … me)

– I created a cron job that runs the above script a bit after the comics update

And now, I get a daily email with the comic strips mentioned in the header.

I *might* make this “newsletter” available for public (open or restricted) but only if other people are interested AND I get the consent from the comic strip authors (in which case I could probably get a direct url from the authors so to drop the wget parsing).

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