MySQL – Data Provider Or Other Service Returned An E_FAIL Status

I spent quite soem time on this error until I managed to figure it out.
My problme was different from what you can usually find on the net. I had a table with 1 autoinc integer column and the rest all varchars fo various lengths. So no date field.
What I ended up doing was to install the latest mysql odbc connector (5.1 as of this writing) which offered me some options (I don’t knoiw if they are required as I set them, I used my common sense when setting them absed on my needs). I cheked on the flags pages the following:
– Don’t prompt when connecting (flags 2)
And that’s it 😀 so nothing spectacular.
Before this I was using the 5.0 connector. So it appears there was some problem there because this is the only thing I changed.

Enjoy 🙂

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