Multiple Step Operation Generated Errors – Check each status value

Yet another cryptic error with an unusual/weird test case and solution.

So, my setup:

– a table with a date field marked null/not null (tried both, same thing)

– an TADOTable to work with the above

– added all fields in the field editor

– a TDBDateEdit from RXLib with DefaultToday set to true

You make an append. You don’t touch the date as it’s set for today. You change everything else. You post. And you get the error:

“Multiple Step Operation Generated Errors – Check each status value”

Why? Well, thing is that when you make the append, the underlying TDataSet will set the state of itself to dsInsert, at which point TDBDateEdit will notice that a new record is added and set the date to today which makes the date field to be added to the internal modified field list of the TCustomADODataSet.

Now, the code runs further and calls DoOnNewRecord which clears the above mentioned internal modified field list and hence, when you do post, the date field is not in the list and hence it is not posted.

Now, since on the client side the field is set and has a value, on DB side the field was not sent and is either null or lots of zeros (if field is set not null) and hence they do not match (in this latter case delphi will also error because it cannot convert it to date. Not sure when this is done, but it is done). So, ADO will now raise this error BUT, the record was already added, just with an invalid date value. And if you are in the not null scenario and reload the grid, you will surely get the “ Data provider or other service returned an E_FAIL status.

There you go, yet another scenario for that cryptic error message ๐Ÿ™‚

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