Delphi XE2 bug: nested option set depth limitation

Some time ago I bumped into a very odd limitation on option sets (beside the bug I posted earlier). It’s about nested usage, when you have nested build targets, each with its own option set. You can see a more descriptive example in the stackoverflor post below:

I got to tell you, there are quite a lot of annoying bugs I keep bumping into with this XE2. I was so happy to see all the supported features that ease building so that I won’t have to write up complex batch files for it but bummer, they are buggy or don’t work at all.

The stupid thing is that if I modify one common file located some 10 packages up in the groupproject, I have to rebuild ALL the 10 packages, with ALL the 8-10 build targets.

Oh well, back to batch files.

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