libapu: apu library not found.

whilc compiling mod_security I got:

checking for libapu config script… no
configure: *** apu library not found.

it took me about 5 min to figure out what the libapu was: lib-apr-util

so the following fixed it:
./configure –with-apxs=/etc/httpd/bin/apxs –with-apr=/etc/httpd/bin/apr-config –with-apu=/etc/httpd/bin/apu-config –with-lua

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3 Responses to “libapu: apu library not found.”

  1. Simon Cruise says:

    Thanks for that, you saved be alot longer than 5 mins

  2. Ruben Alves says:

    Thanks – what really helped me to compile Modsecurity!

  3. high says:

    Thanks a lot 😀

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