Siemens SK 65 Original Media (ringtones, wallpapers, GIFs, etc)

My Siemens SK65 died about 2 months ago and ever since that time, I was trying to get my hands on the backup file contents.
I couldn’t get the original siemens mobile phone manager to read the backup (as I didn’t have an SK65 to do a restore). I obviously managed to get my contacts out since everything is in clear text in the backup file.
The sad thing is I can’t get the notes as for whatever stupid reason they decided notes are not important to backup/save (either that, or they are encrypted/mangled in some way).
The next thing I wanted were the ringtones. Man, I searched everywhere, and I found a lot of ringtones from other siemens models but not the ones on SK65. I then posted on some siemens forums to no avail.
And today, I got an email from GOTD (Giveaway Of The Day) about AllMedia Grabber. So I figured I’d give it a shot and what do you know. It got me out most of the media files and all the ringtones which were in midi or wave format.

So, long story short, find the original media files for Siemens SK65 here (3.5 MB).
Keep in mind that the contents of this zip hold original copyright notices held by Siemens or whomever and are intend for other siemens SK65 users that ended in my situation.

Call me old fashioned or whatever, but I’m now going to put those ringtones on my new HTC 😀

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3 Responses to “Siemens SK 65 Original Media (ringtones, wallpapers, GIFs, etc)”

  1. GGMARS says:

    Hello there.
    Would you happen to have Siemens A52 Original Default Ringtones?

  2. tasicss says:

    Thanks, Siemens the best mobile phones ever! Too bad that is no longer manufactured

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