The server has suffered a "minor" upgrade

I just installed an 80GB IDE harddisk. Considering that the primary hdd is about 6GB "big", I can say this is quite an improvement.
For those who missed it, currently my servers is a:
– Pentium III running at
– 500 Mhz with
– 256 MB ram and
– one 6 GB hdd and one 80 GB hdd
the rest is unimportant.
This is my 3rd server. My first one was a Pentium I if I recall correctly. My second was (well, is) a Pentium II.

So, a small spoiler 😀 In the following 1-2 weeks I will get my older server back online again, as a secondary, backup server, for some of my services. It will be located in anotehr city so it’s a good choice. More info after that’s up and running 😉

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One Response to “The server has suffered a "minor" upgrade”

  1. ciuly says:

    I forgot to mention how the upgrade process went 🙂

    So, I opened up the PC (a DELL) and noticed that they only put 2 power cables and 2 data cables in it, one for 1 hdd and 1 for the cd-rom. Switching one of the datacables with another one which had a plug for slave was easy, but in order to solve the power problem, I had to cut the power cables, remove a power cable from a burned out power source and mix/tie/whatever the cables together.
    The other problem was that thye didn’t put any place for a second hardrive (which was as expected since there wasn’t extra power and data plug for it). So I solved this issue by placing a plastic something on top of the existing hdd and placing the second hdd on top of the plastic, then tieing them together and also to the wall of the PC so that the second hdd will not move. I should have made a picture 😐

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