Generali insurance ad

I’ve been searching for this song for weeks. Others have been for years. During my searches, I’ve found a croat forum on which there was somebody mentioning this about 2 years ago. So it’s an old issue 🙂
It’s the song that goes like this:
"He’s always there…
When I need him
Like an angel in the sky
It’s good to have you with me."

So, I’ve done the obvious and went to the source: the Generali company 🙂 Sent them an email (to my local office) asking for information about the song. They said the song was made specially for them and they own the rights and all that but they agreed to send me the full song 😀

So I am now in possesion of it BUT they didn’t agree with me making it public. So, I cannot make it available BUT I can tell you that you can try doing as I did, asking for it from the source and who knows, you might get lucky 😉

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4 Responses to “Generali insurance ad”

  1. rally says:

    Can you please tell me whats your local office??

    I ve trided allready in Germany and Croatia,but they only told me that they dont have promission for sharing it… 🙁

    I must get it!! Its a such a great song..

    sorry for my English…

  2. ciuly says:

    I sent you a PM with the contact email 😉

  3. Bastian says:

    heelp… I’m in search for this song too… searching for almost a year.. please send me an email too.


    • ciuly says:

      unfortunately, I cannot find that email address anymore (it’s been over 6 years). My suggestion is to try the various generali agencies around the world, you could get lucky with one 😉

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