Delphi IE Toolbar

I’ve made a toolbar for internet explorer as part of an odesk job that went up in smoke. I’m just to genious for some people to have me working for them 😀
What I hate the most is that I have shared with them one of my older ideas of an unbreakable security system.
Sure, it has it’s problems, just like the OTP, but it’s almost as strong as the OTP. And it’;s a lot more practical. I’ll share it one day when my time permits it.

Anyway, until then, here is the ie toolbar I made
It support having many toolbars, deskbands and so forth in the same program and even the same unit. It was designed specifically to allow a generalization, either by using the 2 specific files (Main.pas and SomeDelphiIEBandFrm.pas) as templates, or by using an array of the defined specific data.

Generalization is my middle name. Which reminds me. I am tiping you guys off: in a few weeks/month I will release (the long awaited dynamic version of) the new site, written in a totally generic language I defined, for dummies. It’s a sort of RAD but without an IDE (yet). it allows you to do the basic stuff, very fast and very easy but also allows you to do complex stuff, in which case it’s not so RAD anymore. But, it was designed for dummies and people wanting to put up sites, fast. For complex sites there are more appropriate tools 😛

anyway, enjoy the IE toolbar 🙂

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