Another rent-a-coder stupid bid

Max Accepted Bid: [color=red:ae672a59cf]$30.00 (USD)[/color:ae672a59cf]
I have a fully working Delphi program that I like to have some modifications:

1. Adding a few buttons that when they are clicked,
it will open a new tab on the browser that shows
certain webpage.

2. Current program is not compatible with windows with
language other than English. I need you to
Internationalize it.

3. This program has no installation wizard. I would
like you to add installation wizard.

4. On the execution of the program, I would like the
program to show a text box for a few seconds showing
a certain message before continue to its orginal

Certain rules you must agree when bidding:

1. Enter code word "TOMAHAWK" when putting your bid.
2. No discussion of scoring before the project is done.
3. I will score 100% honestly and 10+ cannot be assumed.
4. You may not outsource it to a third party.
5. You may not use code produced for this project to
create other projects. The code will be exclusively
belong to the buyer.
[color=red:ae672a59cf]6. You may not use code from other projects to create
this project even if your’re the developer.[/color:ae672a59cf]
7. You may not use open source code (GPL’d or GNU).
8. Fully commented code is required.
9. I will not pay for unforseen yet obvious needs and
incremental changes that will be required.
10. All bugs and minor tweaks will be done for 90 days
with no charge.

This is an easy job for the right person.
I wonder what was in the head of this buyer. The work for this project exeeds easily a few days, depending on the size of the existing code since point 2 is not a 5 minute job. And not using your own code? Jesus, you idiot, they invented code reusage for a reason. And 3 months of free support included in those $30? 😯
Well, as they say: dumb is the person giving not the one asking.

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