How to actually migrate your site to joomla

I decide a while ago that I need to change my attitude, lose my dream of creating a CMS in C interfacing as CGI/SSI and get my site out nice and clean like everybody else.

So after comparing reviews and recommendations, I got stuck with joomla.

Now, I don’t know about you technical guys, but I find joomla very … weak. For one, it does not support sub-categories. you have a section and a category and that’s about it. In my case, I have a lot o sub-categories. So this called for a plugin (not yet installed).

What really pissed me of is that my main page (now) has a very nice image-only horizontal and a vertical menu. I used gimp to create the images which look very nice compared to what my site actually looks like 🙂 So I spent the ENTIRE day trying to figure out how in the name of God I can create an image only menu in joompla. Fact is, I tried a lot of stuff, including the core menu functions, nothing worked. I even installed a plugin called simplelists but to no avail.

So, sinceextensions are slowing things down and complicating everything, I decided todrop that, especially sice somebody on te joomla forum said that the core supports this thing (read more here: )

As of this writing, that guy has not yet replied to my inquiry, BUT, being a genius that I am ( 😀 ), I discovered something very amazing: RAW Html module. Yeah, I get to place whatever html code I want wherever I want it. This is pretty neat because I just copy-pasted my menu code andvoila, it’s up and running. It’s that simple.

Whoe the hell need extensions andstuff when you can have your own custom html wherever?! You have some html/js/css code you need to migrate and there is no apparent way to do it? Raw html.

Who said life is not easy? 🙂 All we need now is multilevel categories and I could say that all is ok.

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