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I feel like I’m going mad. Ever since I started putting my stuff on the net I found that existing web software solutions did not provide what I need. Not even the commercial ones.
Like now, here I am, again, facing my 20k+ photos and trying yet again to manage them using gallery2. But I have a very special need when it comes to photos:
– some photos I don’t want nobody to see. so they’re private
– others, only a few people can see
– others, just a few group of people
– others must be deleted
– and finally, the rest can be seen by the wide public

now, in order to easily support this, I’ve made 5 albums:
– 1 that contains all unsorted photos and which is totally private
– 1 which is my private album
– 1 that is totally public
– 1 that is only for family
– 1 that is for family and friends only

now, when I go into sorting the photos, I need to create sub-albums in most of the main albums and then:
– go over all photos in the managed album and delete what is not needed
– again go over all (remaining) photos in that album and move the needed one to my public
– again go over all (remaining) photos in that album and move the needed one to family only
– again go over all (remaining) photos in that album and move the needed one to family and friends
– move all remaining photos to my private album

so basically I am iterating the photos like 3 to 5 times. It is ANNOYING.

But there is another annoying part. Imagine you’re a family member. That means you have access to 3 albums that contain *related* photos. now that sucks.

The alternative for this is to keep all photos in once place, BUT, manually edit each and every single photos permissions to suit the restrictions on it. 20.000. photos. Twenty THOUSAND photos. If it takes 1 minute per photo, this equals a total of almost 14 continuous DAYS. to be more realistic, using this technique and say 3 hours per day, it means I’d be done in about 111 days. almost 4 months.

It’s a killer because I don’t have 3 hours every single day for this task.

which means I will be writing my own gallery software most likely based on joomla 😀


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