Opera Browser huge memory consumtion

I am shocked. I have my opera 9.64 (latest stable at the moment) browser configured with no memory cache, 500 links in history with no saving of content, 20MB disk cache (reduced from 100), document checking at 5 min and img checking adn 5 hours.
With 127 tabs open, none are full flash site, maybe jsut advertisment falsh, it consumes over 1.2 GB of memory.
I’m going to test FF now.

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  1. ciuly says:

    I forgot to mention that the reported memory consumtion was right after startup finished.

    Moving on to FF: without noscript enabled (and thus blocking all falsh and ads and such) and about 120 tabs open, and withouit being logge dinto sites that I have account on (so in some cases no avatars/pictures are being displayed)
    FF 3.0.11 eats up a little under 600 MB. that’s less than half what opera consumes. sure, opera also has emails in it but that shoulnd’t eat up too much memory since it deosn’t keep the emails in memory.
    it does have a rather big bookmark though.

    Disabling noscript and restarting FF made it consume an astonishing little under 700 MB.

    I don’t know what to consider more shoking: the difference in memory consumtion between opera and FireFox or those 100 extra MB which are mostly ADS.

    I am going to wait for opera 10 to become stable and if that doens’t do a much much better job and come closer to FF, I WILL switch over to firefox. After being with opera since version 6, I see I must switch browsers yet again.

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