Create ESXi 5.0 ISO to USB bootable flash stick in windows

I just got my hardware for my personal ESXi server (I will go into more detail in a separate post one of these days) and the first thing I noticed when I wanted to plug in my CD-ROM was that the MB had no IDE connector. I don’t have a sata cd-rom nor a usb one, so the next best thing, boot from USB.
Now, there are a lot of cool utilities out there to convert a bootable ISO image into a bootable USB stick, but from the aprox 3 or 4 I tried, only the last one worked. I even tried going manual, applying syslinux from command line, copying files and editing the configs. However, due to the fact that the file names are all in uppercase on the CD, the bootloader was not able to fins the kernel and stuff.

So, long story short, I found the following article which works for ESXi 5.0:

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