Concrete5 MU (MultiSite)

As some of you might have read, I am looking for a MU CMS generic solution for my server because I just hate administering tons of software.

So, after WP MU failed miserably from support point of view ( I decided to take a better look at C5 (which I already had installed). And luckily, while browsing the how-tos, I bumped into this nice howto:

I think I can live with 2 systems: WP MU for the blogs and C5 MU for the rest. Now it’s only a matter of getting “the rest” converted to C5…

First step: the photo gallery (it has some needs that none of the major dedicated photo galleries out there had about 1-2 years ago when I tested them and got stuck with gallery2, which lost some other needed features with their version 3).

Considering how “fast” I move when it comes to such things, I think it is safe to say that you should expect “news” on the subject in say … 6 months 😀

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