Windows XP: this file came from another computer and might be blocked

I thought I’ve seen them all in WinXP. So I got bumped today with not being able to access a file over a share on another computer on the local network. I hit the file properties and saw the message in the title.
Small googling, turned up to suggest it may be some zone information IE browser would set when you download a file. Some suggest using streams.exe from sysinternals to delete the extra data stream of the file.

Indeed, that solves it. But I am not one of those that just blindly deletes stuff, so before I deleted, I made sure to peek at what info I was about to delete. And it looks like this:
:Zone.Identifier:$DATA 26

looks safe to delete. so just proceed. If you get anything else, make sure you are safe to delete it before you do it.

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