Why Chrome browser really sucks

I’ll probably repeat myself but here goes: EVERY single (major) browser today sucks.

So Chrome is now on the table specifically. I have 6 tabs open.:

– gmail

– ebay

– yahoo mail

– ebay

– a static html page on my site

– and http://www.coolest-birthday-cakes.com/tractor-cake.html

Now, there are 10 (TEN) chrome processes running with following memory consumption (ramn and VM:

– 1: 43MB/32MB

– 2: 49MB/36MB

– 3:  24MB/16MB

– 4: 30MB/20MB

– 5: 38MB/28MB

– 6: 7MB/3MB

– 7: 30MB/23MB

– 8: 26MB/17MB

– 9: 10MB/6MB

– 10: 19MB/11MB

Total: 10 process with 276MB ram and 192MB VM = 468 MB memory consumed. I repeat 6 (SIX) open tabs.

Firefox is currently eating up 54 open tabs and 178 MB ram and 354 MB VM = 532 MB memory.

That is a HUGE difference.

Also, when chrome updates, it downloads it’s entire kit and installs it “clean” also leaving the old installation folders there. So it also eats up harddrive space (not that I’m running low on that).

But just imagine, on my 2GB ram+2GB VM system, firefox and chrome alone eat up 1 GB. 25% of available memory. And I just fired up VMWare with a system allocated 384 MB ram and taht one eats up 437 MB ram and 17 MB VM so there you go: firefox + chrome + 1 VM eat up 37.5% of system resources. And I have 65 processes running right now amongst which are 4 IM applications, thunderbird for email, avast as AV and outpost as FW.

I’m going to ditch chrome (probably for good) pretty soon.

Ok, so I noticed opera 11 is out (for some time) so I thought I’d give it a spin. I opened 4 tabs:

– yahoo mail

– gmail

– feedburner

– internet banking from RBS

Memory consumption for opera is now 248MB ram and 253MB VM = 501MB memory… I opened another tab and the memory only grew with maybe 5 MB so this gets me thinking: what in the world does opera load in memory if 5 tabd consume aprox 30 MB memory? What’s the rest of 470MB ???? Especially since opera was running for less than 5 minutes and the settings (AFAIK) are set for low memory consumption (including disabled memory cache)

Seriously now, is it just me or todays browsers are really just very lame memory/resource hogs?

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