Weird IE6 bug

I don’t use IE if I can help it but my internet banking does so ocne in a while I’m forced to.
Also, I don’t use automatic/windows updates at all. If tehre is some update that I really need, I try to get it manually. So my IE is outdated.
That being said, I noticed quite a while back that it happens that I start a new IE browser and no site will load. I disabled all add-ons and still nothing. However, I noticed that disabling an addon, closing browser,then enabling it back, again closing browser and starting the browser the 3rd time will sometimes make it work.
But this is an annoying workaround and it doesn’t work all the time.
Today I found another workaround: open a second browser window without closing the first one. From all my tries tilll now, this works all the time and is much more nicer and user friendly.

So, whomever is having this issue, I hope it will work for you 🙂

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