Rent-a-coder funny (&sad) bid

There was this bid the other day in which the bidder was asking for small project that will create a tray icon which will have an icon based on the results from a webpage. anyway, it was easy. So at the time I viewed the bid, there were already arund 14 bids made. So I started and made the project, thought to win this one by low bid and ready-made application.
The bidder was asking for maximum $100, so I bidded $13 and attached my project (which worked quite well and it took me around 1 hour to make). At that time my bid was the 25th or 26th, somewere around that number. By the end of bidding, there were 55 bids and the bidder choosed a $50 bid 😆
guess that bidding too low doesn’t always do the trick. 😕

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