[rant] Commission Junction – a load of crap

I signed up for it almost a year ago. At one moment I had about 3 euros in my balance (big money 😀 ). But I stoppe dlogging in the site almost no revenue was beeing made. A few days ago I decided to check in to see how things went over the year and surprise: the account was disabled. After reactivating it, surprise again: all money was GONE.

One person would expect that a company that deals with somebodies money will notify that person prior to making changes to his/her account especially when those changes imply loosing the money, but no, CJ must do it under the hood so that they can steal your money (I hope you choke on those few euros I had because you’ll get all negative feedback from me you idiots.)

And now to remove all CJ ads from my sites and make a little nagative advertisment for them.

(ps: and before anybody starts talking about agreements and how this was *maybe* stipulated in one of them, grab some time to think which company that stipulates such stuff in their agreement worths your attention? Say you are out in a prolonged holiday or something. For some perfectly sensible reason you get a loong time away from your computer but still have access to email and … you get your account disbaled and money lost because .. it was stipulated in the agreement. like you have to remember to log in the site, when the idiots don’t even allow your session to survuve for more than an hour or something, so you cannot just leave your tab open.)

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  1. ciuly says:

    I just received a card in my mail box (not email) ragarding a lawsuit against CJ. here is the settlement: http://www.cjsettlement.com/
    just one more reason for not using CJ.
    the weird thing is that the card arrived to me a few days ago by international priority ari mail but for some reason the deadline for filling an objection or excluding oneself from the proposed settlement was almost a month ago.

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