MySQL: Client does not support authentication protocol…

well, I am working on the dynamic part of the site(s). Each site has it’s own user/db and today I started on a new site so I obviously fired up mysql administrator adn created the db, table and all that and then created the user. Tested the site and got this in the logs:
shmysql: Error opening mysql: Client does not support authentication protocol requested by server; consider upgrading MySQL client
so I fired up a console and tested from command line: smae thing. I chaged the user/pass/db for the otehr site: works.

well, after almost an hour of trying out stuff, I found this:
The Fix

This is because, the mysqlclient installed on the box does not use the same authentication protocol that the mysqlserver is using. You can either upgrade the client, or reset the root password using this

SET PASSWORD FOR user@localhost = OLD_PASSWORD(‘password’);

it worked 🙂

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