Moving/Transferring Windows XP Prof from desktop to laptop

I finally did it. I moved my winxp porf installation from my desktop to my new laptop, overwriting theexisting vista installation (which sucks big time. Almost nothing from my existing NEEDED appications didn’t work properly.).
And here is how I’ve done it:
First step:
After removing all possible devices, I made a ghost image (using the bootable ghost cd) and transferred the image to the laptop and then written the image to the disk. Rebooting failed as windows went into BSOD. Booting into safemode did not help either as it BSOD-ed as well.
Next step:
Well, I had a faulty windows installation, right? So, I fixed it using the recommendations above.
This worked 🙂
However, my avg complained of faulty license; needed to reinstall. Msn live messenger or what’s it’s name also complained about some fixed module and required restart.
Some of the older devices were still there. Removed them and installed the new ones.
I’m still in the process now, so if there will be any other applications that will require "something extra", I’ll post later on.

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  1. ciuly says:

    there were some otehr minor problems:
    – I had to install SP2 over SP1 because the System process was using over 50% of the cpu constantly
    – there is still an unidentified device there, which became identified once SP2 got installed

    everything else seems to work fine.

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