Delphi IDE: the mistery of the blue dots unveiled

Evry once in a while, you see those blue dots in wrong position. Usually, a few lines up/down then they should be. Executing in debug mode will also put the current executing line wrong. You will see that you enter a procedure and you are executing some lines from the var declaration.
This pisses you off, doesn’t it? You just can’t figure out why that happens.

Well, let me tell you: your source file has some unix-style line endings. That is, it does not have a CRLF (#13#10) but only a LF (#10).

How to fix it? Depends on what you like really. From a hex editor to windows notepad, anything is ok. Open it and replace the single LFs with CRLFs and you’re done.

Not your specific case? Then maybe you are actually compiling in a unit file from another place and have loaded in the debugger the wrong file. Happens if you keep multiple versions of the same file on the search path.

There are of course other cases too, maybe when I recall, I’ll post./

Happy debugging 🙂

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  1. Shaun Rawlings says:

    Hello Ciuly,

    This problem was driving me nuts, so you saved my evening 🙂
    Thanks for providing the page!


    Shaun Rawlings.

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