Site advertising their security component obviously got hacked

Joomsuite hacked

Joomsuite hacked

Jomsuite has a security component for joomla, named Defender. It is advertised as the best (and if my memory servers me correctly, the only) security option for joomla sites.
You can see in the attached screenshot how good this component is.
Their video tutorial on the subject is here:
well, it will be available once they solve their security hole 🙂

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2 Responses to “Site advertising their security component obviously got hacked”

  1. SevenSages says:

    To be fair, they explained what happened here:

    Though the concept of a ‘defender’ being hacked is still funny if not true.

  2. ciuly says:

    thanks for the update. still, it’s a bit weird: what I understand from there is that the joomla code is full of backdoors (or at least was but past tens for this kind of issue, I don’t trust). that doesn’t sound right to me. I mean whomever is checking stuff in and making releases dn’t check the code? Puttin it this way: I can add backdoors to the code with no trouble?
    That’s not right.

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