bouncing spam

How idiot of an admin can you be to not be able to configure your freaking email server NOT to bounce spam? Seriously now, WHY_TF do you bounce spam back at me if I didn’t send it?
If you idiot ever read this page, take a look here:
and then go shoot yourself. I’ve got like over 50 spam messages bounced to me the other night and those were the ones I didn’t manage to filter out. Because I was like on the clock with these fucking spammers writing email filters rules to block the stupid spam.
And since I know how a legitimate bounce message looks like, I will spend some time to write a new filter that will reject with some not so nice words these spam bounces.
God damn motherfucking spammers. I would love to skin them alive, one by one and the put salt all over their skinless bodies, eventual puring acid on them as well. You hear me? Rott in hell!

Microsoft baouncing spam

Microsoft baouncing spam

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