Lame attack on IRC Undernet

Somebody must really love me. Just minutes ago they issued a flood-like attack on IRC by sending maybe a few hundred messages from almost as many different nicks/hosts.
This is particularly annoying since I use pidgin as my irc client also used for a bunch of other IM accounts and I had to kill it all until I figured out where the problem was. And they also targeted my egg. Guess they want to make a takeover.
What a wanker. Is that the best you can do? You don’t even worth the effort to install/write an anti-flood script for my psybnc (which stands between pidgin and irc). You are totally lame. That is so 8 year old.

As a side note, I just discovered that my stupid bullshit psybnc did not log in my undernet account for some reason so it got deleted. What some stupid idiots these undernet admins are. Seriously. I’m pretty sure it’s their hand here.

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