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So … facebook. Right. Social Network. The all new trendy thing to do. I have to tell you, after seeing all the hi5-like sites here in my country and seeing what kind of people join it and use it I still am pretty reluctant to  using such … “sites”. basically, it’s just a damn dating site with lots of features. The fact that there on your profile along with your personal information you have options for “Interested In: women/men” pretty much proves it.

I won’t get into all the stuff with security, privacy (I hope you know you don’t have privacy there for a lot of stuff. FB application developers know it. You should too, just google). I won’t even say anything about how idiotic the concept is, even if it brings in tons of money (hey, the world is full of idiots) but I will tell you this: the developers there are STUPID.

So, I figured I should create an account. Not because I need or want it but because it makes a pretty damn good launching pad for my stuff (once I get to put it up). As with twitter, I will be doing mostly nothing, just to see if other people “see me” and find me interesting for what I share not because I added them to my “list”.

Ok, so back to why I post this: the developers are idiots. first page, enter email address. So I enter the one I always do: root@ciuly.com no secret there. The error message:  “Please enter a valid email address.”

They are not the first to reject <<root@*>> email addresses but hey, idiots, that IS a valid email address.

so I went with my second choice: ciuly@ciuly.com

Now, the error was “There is an existing account associated with this email.”

You can imagine, I was like WTF???

And indeed, I had an account made.  Seems I made it in december 2009. If I recall correctly, I needed to check out some people 😀 Same reason for which I have a hi5 account lying somewhere.

Anyway, the news is out. There will be some releases coming soon. Keep an eye out 😉

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