Copy files to VMWare ESX/ESXi

I’ve been playing with vmware esx running in vmware player (ha, you didn’t know that was possible, did you? just google it up, there are quite a few articles on the subject). And as many, my first impuls was to copy an existing vmware machine. So, I searched how to do that and in another article (again, google as I didn’t save the link) I found that I can use winscp over ssh. I first had to enable ssh and keep in mind that you CAN connect with the default root user at least from 4.1 (the article mostly say you can’t and invite you to create a new user for it, which btw in my cases I couldn’t get working for some reason). I then eventually connected through the console (yeah, you can do that to in 4.x without any other gimmicks, just press alt+f1 for the console).

Long stroy short, this is the article I finally decided to link to:

basically, it’s a real tip for winscp users which in most if not all cases configure their winscp to resume transfers (which is a natural thing to do) but in case of ESX this is not a good idea because some renaming is done in the background which esx doesn’t like.

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